Enter to win an Interior Design Consultation for your ugly room.

Setting a premise for 10 years.

This month ten years ago I took a big, scary step and started Premise Design. I was naïve and nervous, but hopeful. This day 6 years ago it became a corporation, Premise Design Inc. It has been quite a ride so far, and I am very thankful to each of my clients over the years, those who have worked for/with me, contractors, and my family.

I did a count of my client files and there are 250 of them, and likely a few more. Wow. I think I need to buy myself some flowers or something!

But now for you. It is time to celebrate with a giveaway!

Everyone can use some help with their homes, at least I think so. I will be selecting one person who submits a photo of their ugly, dysfunctional room that is in need of design help for a FREE Consultation with me. The consultation will be for three hours and I will provide a plan of action for the winner. This includes design ideas, layout solutions, sketches describing the design, colour scheme, ideas for finishes, the steps, where to go, and any other needed information. This is worth $420.

If you think your room has what it takes to be deemed the most desperately ugly room in Calgary, send me a photo of it, along with a description. I will select the one that is the most deserving.

You can either email your photo to me at contact@premisedesign.ca or you can submit them on my Facebook page: Facebook.com/premisedesign


-Open to residents of Calgary only

-Giveaway closes December 18th

-Winner announced December 21st

-The Consultation will be scheduled with the winner for sometime in the New Year

In case you need some examples of some ugly rooms that needed help, here are some I had the pleasure of working on:




May the ugliest room win.