Client Talk

Here are some comments from clients after having completed their interior design projects with Premise Design.


“Melinda and Heather are a dream to work with! They were patient with all of my questions and delivered absolute top-notch customer service. In the design world I am paralysed by choice – there are too many samples, styles and paint colours to choose from. I start thinking of big books of fabric swatches and panic starts to set in. Needless to say when I was faced with the task of having to paint and furnish our entire home I was very intimidated. Melinda  and Heather were magic. They helped us see the potential in our home and made the project easy and enjoyable. Through working with them we not only saved time and money, but also had peace of mind throughout the enitre decision making process. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”
Susan Bocchinfuso
“The creative talents within Premise Design helped us transform a very dated 1950’s bungalow main bathroom into a wonderful, warm, timeless space that we’re proud to show off. Subsequent to our initial consultation with Melinda and Heather they provided us with a selection of finishing and fixture options to choose from and it astounded me how tuned in to our tastes they were after one consultation. The actual renovation was not without it’s issues and Melinda was tremendously helpful in meeting with the contractor throughout the process in order to ensure that the original design intent and quality of workmanship was not compromised. We look forward to working with Premise Design again in the future and we are thankful that we did for this project.”
Tivadar Klein
“I have had the privilege of having Melinda’s advice on both my old and new home. She took the time to understand my likes and style and offered choices that were easy to accomplish and could fit any budget. I really appreciated her patience in answering my questions and taking calls when I needed advice the most. I look forward to working with her to finish the rest of my home!””
D. Fearman
“I really enjoy working with you and I always appreciate all your hard work, effort and thoughtfulness you continually put forward with my clients. Thus far your most profound influence was illustrated on the sale of a 1912 character home in South Calgary. Before you were brought in on the project, we were receiving offers of $350,000 for the land value alone however after your recommendations were implemented we were able to sell the property for $375,000. The property remains loved and enjoyed. Obviously everyone involved felt that your consultation was money well spent. I will continue to proudly refer you to my fellow colleagues and clients.”
Heather Cleveland, Realtor
“Melinda and her staff have helped me in so many ways! She designed my kitchen lay-out (which is the biggest kitchen in a small space I have ever seen!), helped me pick finishings and paint colors, helped arrange furniture… and that’s just my house! She also designed my office space and did a fantastic job! I will never ever try to pick my own paint colors again! She is very intuitive about what I like and what suits my tastes. My husband and I are forever grateful!”
Shawna Heber
“I have been very impressed with Melinda’s creative talents and attention to the small details. She has really helped me in making the right decisions about paint color, fabric, purchasing items for my home and the end result was fantastic. She has a keen sense of organization, unlimited energy, and always kept me informed of the transactions. Her dedication to the job at hand carries through in her personal relationships as well. I will highly recommend Premise Design and look forward to using your organization again soon.”
Judy McConaghy
“I have been working with Melinda and Heather for almost 3 years now and would highly recommend them. My goal was, and is, to renovate my 1100 sq. ft. home one room at a time. For me it has been the perfect working relationship. Melinda and Heather are very professional and approachable. I know my project is small compared to many and slow moving (my choice for budget reasons) yet they never make me feel like my project is unimportant. Emails and phone calls are always responded to the same day or next day at the absolute latest. The communication is great. They will consult with me in person or via Email (whatever works for me) with pictures, examples, options and ideas. It is very efficient. They have given me great advice on where to save money and when it’s worth the investment to splurge. They were also most helpful in resolving issues I had with a contractor I had selected. It was great to have their knowledge and experience of what should be expected and how the finishing work should be done. I have since used some trades people that they recommended and have been extremely pleased with the quality of the work done. I think what is really important is that Melinda and Heather very quickly understood what my “style” was and were able to gently push me outside my box. Just enough. In short order, I knew that they understood my tastes and how we live and I could trust their opinions. I know that had I done all of this on own, there is no way I would have selected some of the color or pattern combinations that I now have and absolutely love!! It has all just come together perfectly. My home doesn’t look like a show home. It looks like a lived in and inviting family home – but with great style and functionality. I look around at the changes we’ve made and it makes me smile.”
D. Scott