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Affordable E-Design Interior Design Services | Design in a Box

Premise Box is an affordable, fun, and creative option for the Do-It-Yourself homeowner who needs a vision and guidance for their space through e-design.  If you have been stumped and overwhelmed by all of the interior design options out there and need help to envision what your room could look like, then a Premise Box is your answer.

  • Budget friendly
  • Custom designed for you
  • Solves your design problems
  • Finish your room when you want

Using years of interior design experience, a design will be created for you based on your answers to the questionnaire and the measurements you provide, mailed to you in a box, and you get to execute the design as you see fit when you want.

Get the exclusive look of a room designed by a professional interior designer for a fraction of the cost.

e-design interior design and design in a box by Premise Design in Calgary, Canada

Inside the Premise Box

Premise Box - E-Design affordable interior design calgary and canada

What is in the Box?

  • A concept board showing images used to provide the direction for the design
  • An explanation of the design and why we chose what we did
  • One floor plan showing each item in its recommended location with a legend
  • Either one hand-rendered elevation or perspective of your room
  • Portable set of each item chosen for you with an explanation, where to purchase, recommended size, colour, finish, or material, along with the rules to follow if you want to look at alternate options.
  • Swatches of paint, and suggested fabric, if applicable
  • A how-to manual for you to execute this design concept
  • USB Stick with digital copies of what you received in the box


  • We will provide you with extra feedback and explanations through one email after you receive your box

What We Will Need From You

Your Job:

  • Provide us with the measurements of the room
  • Provide us with photos of the room and the outside of your house, and any other photos of designs you love.
  • Answer the questionnaire. It is long, but this helps replace what we would be figuring out during our face-to-face meetings with you in your home.
  • Chat with us over the phone for about 15 min.
  • Open your box in 4 to 6 weeks
  • Giggle with excitement
  • Dive in and start putting your room together

What you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pen/pencil
  • Printed out measuring templates
  • Ruler (if it makes drawing lines easier for you)
  • Digital camera
  • An assistant
  • A printer and scanner

We will provide more details in an email following signing up for this service (see below).

measuring for your e-design virtual design box

Takeout Menu – Get Started

Let’s get you started. Remember, you are mailed a box filled with tasty design goodness individually selected just for you, with everything you have provided to us taken into consideration. It gives you exclusive access to our skills without the cost of us working with you one-on-one through to completion.

Foyer/Entry/Mudroom – $700
Powder Room – $700
Family Room/Living Room – $1500
Kitchen – $1400
Dining Room/Nook – $1300
Bonus Room/Rec Room – $1500
Master Bedroom – $1200
Kids Bedroom/Guest Bedroom/Home Office – $1000
Ensuite/Main Bath – $900
Deck/Patio – $1200
House exterior (not structural) – $1000



E-design – also called design in a box, virtual design, remote design or online interior design – is a form of working with a professional interior designer where you provide details about the room you would like re-designed, and the designer provides you with a box filled with samples, drawings, and detailed information to help you create the design in your home.  It’s an affordable, fun, and creative option for the do-it-yourself homeowner who needs a vision and guidance for their space while utilizing the expertise of a professional interior designer.
Years of experience and intuition, basically. We’ve been learning and perfecting the art of reading people for 18 years now. If you are honest and thorough with answering our questions, we will be able to properly deduce your design style and design accordingly. Still, there is a chance we will get something wrong, but that is where you have the ability and freedom to do what you want with the design.
Absolutely! We are used to working with existing pieces and finding new friends for them that will coordinate perfectly. It is harder to design this way, but we love a good challenge!
Fill out the contact form on our website and we will get back to you with the price.
In about 4 to 6 weeks from when we receive all of your information.
Most definitely! Fill out our contact form on our website or give us a call. Remember, you do get to send us an email one time if you need some extra explanation on your box.
We regret that we cannot redesign or refund your money. We have based the design on what you gave us and it is a conceptual design only, which means that we expect some items to change as it would in our regular design projects. You have the freedom to use all or a portion of our recommendations.
Interior Designers are limited in our professional scope of practice in regards to the building shell and structure. Our designs are applied within structures and in response to the context of the building, physical environment, building codes, and social context. Although most Interior Designers will know and understand the structure of the building, we are not Architects or Structural Engineers, and therefore cannot move structural walls. For Premise Box, the designs provided involve aesthetic changes, or alterations that will be within a homeowner’s ability to execute without hiring an Architect or Structural Engineer.
Yes! We will allow one email after you’ve received the Premise Box where we will try to help clear up any questions you may have. After that, we will have to charge you our regular hourly rate.
Try your best. If the room is really wonky or this step is a challenge for you, provide us with what you can. We will design more in a range of sizes to accommodate the unknowns.
We rely on the measurements you provide to us. It is always wise to check the measurements of each piece/item before you place the order anyways. You can also use masking tape and mark out the size of the furniture pieces on your floor. This way you can pretend to move around in the space using the masking tape marks as a guide for what it would be like with that size of item in your room.
We only use the information to design, for shipping, and accounting purposes. We will never sell your information. It is private and confidential, and is only stored for as long as we require it.
We accept Credit Card and Paypal.
If it has been three (3) business days since you placed your order, then please email us at: If it has been longer than three (3) business days, then we are sorry, but we are unable to provide a refund to you.

e-design answers with professional interior designers

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