It’s true. Well, true for one client’s world.

This makeover is all about the little things, not a huge, dramatic renovation type of makeover. Sometimes all you need is to change a few things and you can do wonders to your house.

This makeover was all about merging two styles without leaning too feminine or too masculine. My client was moving into her Boyfriend’s house last December, and her description of what she was facing gave me a chuckle.

“His home is great but very manly. There basically is no place for my furniture and frankly nothing is my taste (everything is brown its like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!)” (haha, poor girl.)

I was sent photos and she was right that everything was in different shades of brown.









In contrast to her house, which was a blast to help design, is night and day.

Her house before

Her house before

The challenge was to retain masculinity while bringing in a bright, feminine style that also looked more current and updated. We kept certain pieces of his, that work for now, and interspersed some of her items that had the right scale for his house. You have to think through where things are going quite thoroughly when you are merging two households, rather than just plunking things wherever you feel like.

Paint was the other easy step to achieve this update and Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter saved the day. It is a warm light grey that complements the brown stained trim and hardwood, but is sophisticated enough to class up any joint. The brown doors received an update, too, by being painted a charcoal colour. We also accented the coffers in the dining room by using that same charcoal there. What a difference!


(from Client)


Quick check of colour during painting

The paint change alone was a huge help, but replacing the sheer drapes that came with the house with new grey, lightweight linen sheer drapes did wonders. Drapes really do finish a space, even when the space isn’t finished.

The original sheers, as you can see in the before photos shown above, were tan in colour with these large sunflowers plunked along every foot or two. As manly as the house was, they really did not fit in, or help anything. They were also the complete opposite end of the style spectrum for the two of them. (If anyone is totally loving them, they might just be available to purchase…just fyi.)

The new sheers have a pencil pleat on top, which aside from being my favourite pleat, is a really good choice for anyone wanting a classic, non-fussy looking pleat on drapes that don’t need to be moved much. These pleats are also double in height to add more detail and interest, which is especially needed on the two storey living room windows. Then at the base of the drapes they puddle to give some softness to them and help weigh them down.





They are like the perfect flow-y gown.


After the drapes went up I received a lovely thank you email. Made my day.

“I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for all of your help and expertise with picking out and custom ordering our drapes. We could not be happier with them. Its crazy how much these drapes truly have changed the entire look of the house. We literally could have never done it or made any of the decisions without you. Drapes are surprisingly overwhelming and you handling everything behind the scenes for us gave us peace of mind and made the process that much easier.

We are excited to finish up the last few little things and see everything come together! Which I’m sure we will be picking your brain on…. 🙂 ie…new pendants in the kitchen. Haha! ”

The clients will continue to makeover things here and there, like new tile on the kitchen backsplash, but for now they have a brighter home that bridges both of their styles, and will be very easy to work with in the future.

World saved.