Residential Interior Design Services

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E-Design Answers

e-design answers with professional interior designers

Pick an Interior Designer’s brain for one hour total about any design question you have through email. This is good if you have only a few questions that are stumping you, such as: Do these finishes work together? How do I mix this sofa and this chair together when I have this rug to work with, and I am stuck with this awful flooring? There is something not right about this room, can you tell me what I can do to fix it?

How does it work?

  • Purchase the E-Design Answers and you will gain access to a specific email address through which to send your questions and photos of your problem.
  • The Interior Designer will review and provide answers and solutions for you through email back to you within 2 to 3 business days from purchase.
  • Total cumulative design time spent will be one hour. Once the time has been used you will be notified.

Design Huddle

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Sometimes you are just plain stuck and need a one-time consultation in your home with an Interior Designer to go over what you are dealing with. This consultation is for those who need a game plan for their home either at the start of a renovation, or some guidance and ideas for updating their home.

We meet for as long as you need, go through all of the areas of concern, your needs, uses, likes, and dislikes. Ideas will be sketched out for you to explain the design solutions, along with other notes to explain what you need to know to get going. Everything is emailed to you afterwards along with any other info or links you might need.

Contact for Pricing

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Premise Box affordable e-design calgary and throughout canada
Premise Box is an affordable, fun, and creative option for the Do-It-Yourself homeowner who needs a complete vision and guidance for their space.

Give us details about your room and we will mail you a box filled with a complete design and a how-to-guide to finish on your own.

If you have been stumped and overwhelmed by all of the interior design options out there and need help to envision what your room could look like, then a Premise Box is your answer.


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Complete Interior Design Solution

Keeping all of the details straight on your own can be daunting without a qualified, experienced Interior Designer working with you. If you find the thought of going through your project on your own overwhelming and need the assurance and success that comes from working with an Interior Designer, consider Premise Project for yours:

  • Individual room renovations and remodels, such as bathrooms or kitchens
  • Full house or one floor renovations, Basement Development, or Additions
  • New builds
  • Styling and Refreshers (aesthetic, decorative changes)

What sort of help? This kind:

  • Planning your layout so it actually is what you want and need
  • Selection of finishes, plumbing, lighting, hardware, and all of the other details
  • If you can’t visualize, we can provide a 3D rendered model of your space, which is the easiest way to make sure the design is right
  • Interior building construction and permit drawings because a pretty picture alone doesn’t make the city officials or the contractors happy
  • Advocacy for you during the construction process to make sure everything is going as it should; having the Designer separate from the Construction company gives you the best leverage when there are problems, which do happen

Instead of dictating to you what each aspect of your design should be, our process is very collaborative and flexible, with a good measure of fun thrown in. Your project is about you, so we come alongside to serve your needs and make sure the result is authentic to you.

Your next step is to fill out our Client Profile Questionnaire to find out more about your project. From there we will give you a call and schedule a free meet-and-greet in your home to review your project and make sure we are a good fit together. All we need is your email and we will send you our package to start.